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Meet our Volunteers 2nd Edition

SEAKERS Aquatic Adventures is only possible because of the Volunteers that work so hard to support this ministry. We wanted to introduce you to the SEAKERS volunteers that are behind the scenes, selflessly giving their time and resources.

This month we are highlighting one of our SUPER volunteers who has been with SEAKERS from the beginning, and actually helped to come up with the name SEAKERS name. Meet Kevin Nosalek: He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and he is one of our Instructors. SEAKERS is where it is today and having such an impact in the community because of Kevin's hard work and dedication to this ministry. Everyone would agree Kevin has a way of instructing and leading the board that is selfless and inspiring. Always encouraging his students to succeed and finding ways to support the mission of SEAKERS is just a few reasons why we love Kevin. Kevin thank you for your willingness to serve and pour out your gifts and talents to this ministry!

We are better together and SEAKERS is much better because of this volunteer. We are honored to introduce you to Kevin Nosalek (aka: Super Kevin)


Kevin Nosalek

Chairman of the Board of Directors and NAUI Instructor

1. How long have you been volunteering and what is your job with SEAKERS?

"I have been with SEAKERS since its inception as a small group at Crossroads Church. I can't remember how many years ago that was."

2. What is your favorite bible verse?

"My favorite verse is the shortest verse in the bible: "Jesus wept" (John 11:35). The story of the death of Jesus' friend Lazarus has always been an inspiration to me. It teaches us that Jesus was truly a man with the same feelings as the rest of us. He didn't just cry, he wept for the death of his friend and the pain his friend's sisters were feeling. For me, knowing that Jesus succumbs to his own sadness makes me feel closer to him."

3. Why do you volunteer for SEAKERS and how has it enriched your life?

"Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to give back to your community by doing something you truly enjoy yourself. The fact that SEAKERS gives me the opportunity to share one of my passions with people who never thought it would be possible for them keeps me motivated. Scuba diving gives me the opportunity to share God in a way that I feel closest to him. Witnessing God's daily miracles as they happen in his creation and sharing that opportunity with others is a special opportunity I wouldn't have without SEAKERS."

4. In what ways do you connect with God underwater?

"Being in nature has always been special to me. My entire life I have always felt a one-on-one closeness with God when I was able to get away from the hustle and bustle and immerse myself in his creation. What better way to be completely immersed in his spirit than being in the water?"

5. What do you love about scuba diving?

"Of course, like most people, I enjoy being able to relax and look at all the amazing things in the underwater world. But, I also love the challenge of scuba diving. I love planning a very difficult, technical dive and then putting that plan into action. Putting together a difficult dive that involves me putting into practice all my knowledge and experience and then executing that plan is a great feeling."

6. In what ways have you seen SEAKERS impact the community?

"There are so many stories I can tell about how SEAKERS has impacted lives. SEAKERS' impact on the community is personal and individual. We aren't cleaning up parks, building playgrounds or collecting food and clothes. We are impacting individual lives on a personal basis. We pour into each and every person that takes part in our outreach and then give them the opportunity to pass that on to others. As a SEAKERS volunteer I get to witness people transforming themselves through our program."I think it is about 5 years now, my job is to be a servant in whatever needs to be done, from hauling tanks to getting in the water to assist or just being there to chat if someone needs to chat."


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