Events and classes

SEAKERS is about so much more than just teaching people to dive. Getting that first scuba certification card is just the beginning. We offer the opportunity for divers of all levels to join us for scuba adventures and, most importantly, fellowship all year long. We organize offshore trips including dive opportunities in the Florida Keys and Myrtle Beach, year round trips to the Florida Springs where the water is always a comfortable 70 degrees, local quarry dives, and discover scuba events for non-profit organizations. In addition, our partner, Open Water Adventures, offers specialty courses throughout the year as well as numerous dive opportunities at locations around the world. Whether or not you receive your certifications through our organization, we welcome all divers to join us.  For more information on upcoming events contact Instructor Shannon McAteer or Kevin Nosalek.

Upcoming Events

  • Sun, Feb 14
    West Cabarrus YMCA
    Ever wonder what it is like to breathe underwater? Find out in a NAUI Try Scuba Diving Adventure! Participants will receive instruction on safety, and diving skills and will get a chance to scuba dive in the pool and experience what it is like breathing while floating weightlessly underwater!