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The Founding of SEAKERS


When SEAKERS first started about four years ago, we were a small group in Crossroads Church. Our mission was to lift others up using the vehicle of scuba and the aquatic realm; to show people Christ through His Creation. Since then, we have grown into a North Carolina, non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization. Throughout this time our mission has evolved and become more focused. God has put people in our path that have shaped this ministry into what it is today. A ministry that not only lifts others up, but specifically ministers to select groups. These groups include those with disabilities, families, public servants and at-risk youths. At-risk youths became our primary focus just this year.

In reality, SEAKERS started more than 40 years ago. It started in the story of a troubled boy; a boy who struggled his whole life to fit in, to be successful…well actually struggled just to complete anything of consequence. These struggles were rooted in a difficult childhood. This boy struggled through school, dropped out, got his girlfriend pregnant, and perpetuated the life of hardship he had been living for years. Finally, someone took an interest in that boy, by now a young man. This person gave him hope and direction.

That young boy was me. Since then I have had a successful military career and not only finished college but went on to earn my Master’s Degree and Doctorate. So why the change in direction? Someone cared enough to take an interest in me and helped me to see a better way, to have hopes and dreams. But the right people in my life at the right time were not coincidence. God, the Great Architect, as I like to call Him, was clearly orchestrating these events that would change my life for good.

So, we at SEAKERS strive to be that catalyst of change for others and to do it through the best sport ever, scuba diving! We believe that we can use scuba diving and other aquatic activities to change people’s lives. Imagine a teenager and parent with absolutely nothing in common finding an activity where they can connect; or take a person that is confined to a wheel chair and show them the freedom that scuba, the great equalizer, can give them; or how about an at-risk teen, much like I was, having a chance to change directions. All while in the context of God’s Kingdom and His love for them.

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