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Hello SEAKERS Staff and Volunteers,

Here is a link to the Scuba Staff availability spread sheet. Thank you John for getting this started and organizing us!

Please review and see where you can update your available. If you will not be available then put red box, if you can attend put a green box, and if you are unsure orange box.

This will be a document that you will be able to view at any time and have current up to date information about the staff for the events.

There will be a link here as well as in the SEAKERS Calendar.

Currently we have the event this coming Sunday March 10, 2024- Scouts Try Scuba - small group so only a few are needed - Lenny will be the lead for this event. I know John and Steven you said you were available, but with such a small group - there is no need for you guys to drive all the way to the YMCA.

The next big events are the

  1. PLC Try Scuba Friday March 15 right now we have 19 students

  2. AFJROTC Try Scuba Sunday March 17 we have 14 students

  3. AFJROTC Try Scuba Sunday March 24 we have 14 students

Please if you are available for any of these please update your status - all hands on deck are needed!

BTW have I told all of you how awesome you are??? Well you are so awesome and amazing - this ministry is so blessed to have each of you! Keep up the good work.






This group is for SEAKERS Scuba Instructors, Staff and Volun...

Scuba Staff and Instructors


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